Friday Find | Moore Family Farm Popcorn

by Lizzy 4 October 2013 Food

I had a milestone birthday this year and really struggled with moving into a new age bracket. Being summoned into another decade, I felt, was the nail in the coffin of 2013. Due to fabulous friends, I had a magnificent party including treats and gifts that show my friends really understand me.

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Truffle Popcorn

by Lizzy 2 October 2013 Food

I don’t believe in food rules. Correction – I don’t believe in food rules for me. I’ve found the moment I place restrictions on what I can or cannot eat, my mind plays a cruel trick on my body by insanely craving whatever it is I’m trying to deny myself as if a zombie apocalypse is imminent. […]

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Friday Find | Truffle Salt

by Lizzy 27 September 2013 Food

I like truffles whether black, white or chocolate. Given my affinity for bacon, I think I’m fascinated that female pigs sniff out ground truffles – they’re a nose ahead of the males.

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German Cucumber Salad | Gurkensalat

by Lizzy 25 September 2013 Food

One of my earliest food memories is from age four. It was the first of two times my family lived in Germany. When we arrived overseas, our military housing was unavailable for a few months so we rented an apartment in a small village outside Kitzingen. It was rural by today’s standards and removed from […]

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Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

by Lizzy 28 August 2013 Food

I miss lunchtime in Mexico. I had a ritual with friends that worked well for me and served as a wonderful culinary education during the time I spent there. Most days we’d gather in the kitchen, my friends warming up containers filled with food brought from their homes, and sit together discussing the day’s events. […]

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Cantaloupe Colada

by Lizzy 21 August 2013 Food

Why does summer fly by, but winter seems to last forever? At least here in Chicago that’s the case for me. I remember as a kid it also held true, but the end of summer also meant back to school shopping. Who doesn’t like shiny new school supplies and brand new clothes? It was like […]

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Beet Bruschetta | The Lula Café Inspiration

by Lizzy 14 August 2013 Food

I love Logan Square. Having lived in various Chicago north side neighborhoods over a 13 year span, this one is by far my favorite. It’s come a long way. During the Ice Age when I was in law school, Logan Square was a cheap place to live, if only you were willing to risk your life. It had […]

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Friday Find | Eclipse Chocolat

by Lizzy 9 August 2013 Food

  I have the best friends in the world! No hyperbole here. Seriously, I’ve been blessed with marvelous best friends who continually surprise me. Not only do they support me through thick and thin (this has been tested repeatedly), but they actually think of me when they see interesting food products and buy them for […]

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Banana Daiquiri

by Lizzy 7 August 2013 Food

The first time I ever went on a cruise was also the last time. Being buffeted between narrow hallways, feeling ocean waves in a bed that wasn’t a waterbed and getting daily migraines guaranteed cruising was simply not for me. 

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Spicy Crab Tostadas

by Lizzy 31 July 2013 Food

People often ask me if I liked living in Mexico. It’s a harder question to answer than I ever imagined it could be. See, I was there for work so it wasn’t the three year vacation most envision. And while living there had its ups and downs, I never waiver on this point – I […]

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