Friday Find | Baking Parchment Sheets

by Lizzy on August 30, 2013

King Arthur Flour Pre-Cut Parchment SheetsThis week I realized I am down to my last baking parchment box. That may sound like a strange sentence as most people don’t hoard parchment, not at least since the ancient Egyptians, but I do. The past few years, I’ve gone to the Wilton Tent Sale and left with boxes of parchment to last me until the next trip. I didn’t go this year, and I’m feeling slightly distressed at the thought of not having anymore.

On the other hand, this may just be my opportunity to finally break down and buy pre-cut parchment sheets. My constant wrangle with the parchment box, trying to position the little teeth just so (who designs those anyway?) to cut an amount I don’t have to fold, is worth it.

I use parchment for everything. I like how it turns any baking pan into a non-stick surface, is reusable for multiple cookie batches and folds easily for fancy-looking en papillote. Whenever I bake, it’s generally the first thing I use to line my pans making removal of the baked good , especially brownies, and cleanup a cinch.

Have you tried precut baking parchment paper? Let me know in the comments below.

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