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by Lizzy on August 9, 2013


Eclipse Chocolat - Sea Salt NibI have the best friends in the world! No hyperbole here. Seriously, I’ve been blessed with marvelous best friends who continually surprise me. Not only do they support me through thick and thin (this has been tested repeatedly), but they actually think of me when they see interesting food products and buy them for me! Some of the best food items I’ve tasted are entirely attributed to them. Who could ask for more?

One of my besties was traveling in San Diego last year where she discovered these handcrafted Eclipse Chocolat bars at a local farmers market. Carefully reviewing the selection of flavors to choose one she knew would please my particular palate, back in Chicago she presented me with Sea-salt Nib and Mango Masala. She was spot on!

Eclipse Chocolat mango masala

These are dense yet subtly flavored artisan chocolate bars. The Sea-salt Nib has tiny specks of lavender grey sea-salt and candied bits of cocoa nibs. At 55% cacao this bar leans toward the dark chocolate end of the spectrum, my preferred chocolate choice. The sea-salt isn’t overwhelming and the lavender undertone is simply sublime. The Mango Masala, on the other hand, is milk chocolate based and perfectly paired with masala-curry spices and flecks of candied mango. Transcendent is the word that comes to mind for this flavor combination. Obviously, this chocolatier knows what it’s doing.

Luckily, after scarfing down these bars (don’t judge me) I found they’re available online. I promise not to buy them all. 

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