Truffle Butter

by Lizzy 16 April 2014 Food

Growing up in my household meant Easter was a grandiose religious holiday with an equally impressive dinner to celebrate. The wondrous aroma of yeast rolls filled our house intoxicating anyone who walked through the door from church. They were best served hot from oven to table, despite my handling the steamy gems like a game […]

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Glazed Carrots

by Lizzy 9 April 2014 Food

Sweet food should be relegated to dessert in my humble opinion. I don’t mind salt in my dessert, but don’t pair fruit in any form with my savory dish. The same goes for vegetables; I’m apt to choose fennel or spinach over corn or carrots any day. There’s just something candy-like and cloying I find […]

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Cornflake Cookies

by Lizzy 25 December 2013 Food

On this holiday, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you’re spending the day like I am…sharing food with good company! Today’s post is short and sweet, like the sweet recipe for Cornflake Cookies that follows. I cheated a little linking directly to the source because it’s perfection. There’s nothing I can […]

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Truffle Couscous

by Lizzy 23 October 2013 Food

Last week I mentioned there are times I’m too busy to cook every night. However, I do enjoy a home cooked meal even if I don’t make it myself. Then there are dishes that are so easy to throw together I have no excuse but to spend the few minutes preparing them instead of the alternative…a […]

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Truffle Popcorn

by Lizzy 2 October 2013 Food

I don’t believe in food rules. Correction – I don’t believe in food rules for me. I’ve found the moment I place restrictions on what I can or cannot eat, my mind plays a cruel trick on my body by insanely craving whatever it is I’m trying to deny myself as if a zombie apocalypse is imminent. […]

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Friday Find | Truffle Butter

by Lizzy 2 August 2013 Friday Find

You know that annoying person in the store aisle that rummages through every single item on the shelf when all you want to do is reach for one little thing, but they’re in your way? That’s me in the housewares aisle at Marshall’s, TJMaxx and HomeGoods. I love to systematically scavenge through all the food […]

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