Palmitos Salad

by Lizzy 11 November 2015 Food

It’s said life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. It’s a lesson I still struggle with as a perpetual planner. I cannot live without a calendar at home, work, and synchronized on my phone. As you’ve likely noticed though, I haven’t posted in months. I could make excuses, but I prefer […]

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Homemade Croutons

by Lizzy 30 October 2013 Food

My husband’s abuelo (grandfather) owned bakeries in Colombia. My husband, Papi, grew up with fresh bread at nearly every meal. It was the one constant at the family table, literally breaking bread. Thus, he has a love affair with bread that rivals only his adoration for soccer. Notice I’m not in that top two list. Whatever!

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Kale, White Bean and Zucchini Salad

by Lizzy 9 October 2013 Food

I rarely go out for lunch. I don’t skip meals. However, I don’t like to spend money on a cold, processed deli sandwich I could make better at home. For me to dish out ten bucks, the lunch option has to be quite tasty. I have two restaurants I frequent on the rare occasion I […]

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German Cucumber Salad | Gurkensalat

by Lizzy 25 September 2013 Food

One of my earliest food memories is from age four. It was the first of two times my family lived in Germany. When we arrived overseas, our military housing was unavailable for a few months so we rented an apartment in a small village outside Kitzingen. It was rural by today’s standards and removed from […]

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Tangy Potato Salad

by Lizzy 17 July 2013 Food

 I’ve mentioned before potatoes are my favorite starch, but I don’t think I’ve expressed how much I love them. I could eat them here or there. I could eat them anywhere. I could at them in a car. I could eat them at a bar. You get the idea.

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