Parsnip Sticks

by Lizzy 12 March 2014 Food

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. In my case, food cravings trigger creativity. Generally, once a month I get an urgent and insistent hankering for some particular food that is, of course, nowhere to be found in my kitchen. Sometimes it’s something odd I rarely eat, and it’s as though the craving […]

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Friday Find | Graze Snack Box

by Lizzy 28 February 2014 Friday Find

Subscription boxes have been around for a bit, but it seemed to me that last year snack boxes popped up everywhere. Because it’s food, I was eager to try one of these services. However, I needed an invitation and couldn’t score one for the life of me. The universe must’ve heard my call because when […]

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Friday Find | Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa

by Lizzy 15 November 2013 Friday Find

Rick Bayless is nothing short of genius. This isn’t breaking news, people. Not only are his restaurants some of my favorites in Chicago and O’Hare International Airport, he has a wonderful PBS show and critically acclaimed cookbooks in case you’re not convinced. Now he’s created a perfectly smoky pumpkin salsa. I’m officially head over heels […]

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Friday Find | Prairie Fruits Farm Roxanne Cheese

by Lizzy 11 October 2013 Food

Remember this popcorn? Included in the lovely gift box my friend gave me was this locally made Roxanne cheese from Prairie Fruits Farm. It’s slightly nutty flavor paired perfectly with truffle salt and popcorn. A raw sheep’s milk cheese, the slightly salty flavor works well sprinkled over salad and pasta but imagine the possibilities! 

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Friday Find | Moore Family Farm Popcorn

by Lizzy 4 October 2013 Food

I had a milestone birthday this year and really struggled with moving into a new age bracket. Being summoned into another decade, I felt, was the nail in the coffin of 2013. Due to fabulous friends, I had a magnificent party including treats and gifts that show my friends really understand me.

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Truffle Popcorn

by Lizzy 2 October 2013 Food

I don’t believe in food rules. Correction – I don’t believe in food rules for me. I’ve found the moment I place restrictions on what I can or cannot eat, my mind plays a cruel trick on my body by insanely craving whatever it is I’m trying to deny myself as if a zombie apocalypse is imminent. […]

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Friday Find | Fisher Smoked Bacon Almonds

by Lizzy 16 August 2013 Friday Find

Bacon, bacon, bacon! That’s basically my motto. Everything is simply better with bacon. I’ve thought so since I was school-age, and I still do.

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Friday Find | Eclipse Chocolat

by Lizzy 9 August 2013 Food

  I have the best friends in the world! No hyperbole here. Seriously, I’ve been blessed with marvelous best friends who continually surprise me. Not only do they support me through thick and thin (this has been tested repeatedly), but they actually think of me when they see interesting food products and buy them for […]

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Friday Find | Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn

by Lizzy 19 July 2013 Friday Find

 I am to popcorn as salt is to pepper. We just go together. (Now I’m humming the Grease song.)

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