Teaching Papi

Teaching Papi | 5 Tips on How to Read a Recipe: Domino Potatoes

by Lizzy 18 December 2013 Food

My Esposito has come a long way in his cooking, and as I mentioned previously he can now cook a lot of dishes on his own. Because we are both the eldest children in our families we’re used to being the boss and that leads to ignoring my instructions in the kitchen sometimes. While I […]

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Saffron Orzo | Teaching Papi Series

by Lizzy 16 October 2013 Food

You’ve likely heard of Rachael Ray, and you probably have an opinion about her. I know I did, and I admit it changed over the three years in which I taught my husband how to cook. My husband, who I affectionately refer to as Papi, is a native Colombian. He didn’t grow up cooking like I did, and […]

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