Friday Find | Fisher Smoked Bacon Almonds

by Lizzy on August 16, 2013

Fisher Smoked Bacon Almonds

Bacon, bacon, bacon! That’s basically my motto. Everything is simply better with bacon. I’ve thought so since I was school-age, and I still do.

When I saw these smoked bacon almonds a few weeks ago, at the fabulous birthday bash my besties threw me, I restrained myself from eating the entire can. My friends know me well, and they do right by me.

I’ve purposely hidden this clear can in a cupboard that’s hard for me to reach so I won’t shovel down almonds by the handful before I can add them to salads or sprinkle over bruschetta to punch up the flavor profile. You’re going to get tired of hearing this, and maybe even jealous, but I really do have the most amazing friends. First chocolate, now bacon? PREACH!

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